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Implantology is a dental discipline which is based on the procedure of fitting one or more implants i.e. titanium fixtures which replace the root of the missing tooth. Titanium is a biocompatible material that our organism accepts and which with time connects (osseointegrates) with the bone. This is functionally the best and most durable technique which successfully replaces missing teeth. Fitting an implant ensures the best transfer of forces and halts bone resorption and gums retraction in the place of the missing tooth.

There are conditions which need to be satisfied before the implant is fitted, and they are based on the dentist’s estimate whether there is sufficient bone thickness and height in the place intended for the fitting. The dentist will base his estimate on a CBCT image of that place, as well as a detailed examination of supporting structures in the mouth. Apart from that, the potential candidate must have a good oral cavity hygiene, and smoking is not recommended due to impeded healing of tissue in the presence of nicotine.

The procedure is completely painless because it is conducted under local anaesthesia. After the operation the patient doesn’t feel any pain, and if swelling occurs, it is normally very small and goes away within 2-3 days. After the fitting of the implant follows a period of osseointegration which is necessary for the stability and durability of the implant. This period can last 3-6 months, depending on the primary stability of the implant and the quality of the jaw bone.

After the implant is fitted it is necessary to maintain oral hygiene. Processional cleaning should also be done more frequently. The fitting of implant is one of the safest procedures in dental medicine, with success rates of 85 – 95%.

1st phase – surgical fitting of implant

2nd phase – opening of implant after the osseointegration and setting up elements for gingiva formation (process lasts 2-4 weeks)

3rd phase – taking the impression and making the prosthesis




This is a modern revolutionary technique which replaces missing teeth with a complete bridge which is anchored on 4 or 6 implants. Classic dental prostheses can be unstable, painful to wear and very impractical for the patient. ALL-ON-4 is a new implantology method which enables edentulous patients or patients with dental prostheses to get a perfect new smile and confidence in only 24 hours. The specificity of this procedure is fixating the teeth of one jaw on four implants. Due to a special method of implant fitting, it is not necessary to perform bone grafting, which is often the case with such procedures. After the operation and the implant fitting follows a healing period during which the patient wears a temporary prosthesis which enables undisturbed functioning in everyday life. Upon the end of this healing period, the final prosthetic bridge is placed on the implants.